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Twin Flame: Attachments and Expectations

Updated: Jan 16

New to the Twin Flame Journey? It's definitely a complex path. Here's a few tidbits that may help to guide you... Twin Flame activation comes in waves or groups. My own activation started 2 years ago and, in that time, I've come across many who were activated around the same time who were learning, healing and growing along with me. We were guided by those who had walked the same path years before. You newbies are the latest group of Twins awakening to who and what you are. Typically, the Feminine awakens first, often a result of separation with her Masculine. Separation can last for any length of time. I've been separated from my own soul connection for over a year. I’ve chatted with people who have been in and out of their Twin’s lives for 20 years.

You'll read a lot about coming into Union and while that's a beautiful, even romantic notion, it's not necessary for the Feminine or the Masculine to complete and fulfill their journey. What you are embarking on is, at the core, all about you. The painful separation you may be experiencing (and writhing over, emotionally, on the inside) has been put into place to help you to grow, to purge old karma from this life and past lives in order to become whole. It is an energetic and spiritual transformation that has its challenges, triumphs and pain. Not all Twins will choose this path. It’s a rigorous one but also fascinating. It will change who you are and how you understand both yourself, others and the world. Just when you think you have it all figured out and you believe you’ve stepped into wholeness, the Holy Spirit (aka Spirit) will bring something new into your purview to take you one step further. Sometimes it’s painful and other times it’s wondrous.

You were likely guided strongly toward your own understanding about what was happening to you as you awakened spiritually. Maybe you started seeing images, links, headlines, music that were nudging you into consciousness about this journey and you embraced it with curiosity and longing to understand. Your twin may be seeing these types of things, as well, but choose to turn away from them AND you – their pain, discomfort and desire to control their environment driving them away. Some may work through this and return. Others will not. No matter what the outcome, you will need to focus on yourself and your own growth. Attachment to the romantic ideas of the Twin Flame journey – union, romance, love, sex – will hold you back. And yet, addressing the way you view each one of those things is integral to the journey. It’s a circular path that will often take you two steps forward only to push you one step back. I’m not trying to discourage you, but I am trying to sober you up if you expect a few quick lessons and boom you’re in Union.

Let go of your expectations and attachments. Trust that God has got you and your Twin in the palm of His hand and that there is nothing that can snatch you out – no matter what path either of you choose. Think of it this way. You met your Twin, you’ve been Awakened, Activated and have started your Ascension. You know much more now than you did a year ago. That’s a ton of cool things that have happened in your life that you never expected or even knew could happen. And that’s the best perspective to keep as you move forward; the perspective of ,"Hey, this may be hard right now but look at what's already happened and all that I've gained from it. Can't wait to see where this is taking me." Perspective and being able to see your own AND your Soul partner's journeys objectively are like gold from here on out.

Buddha said that the root of suffering is attachment. So let go what you THINK is going to bring you happiness and be still while you allow Spirit to bring what was meant for you. This journey is not under any obligation to deliver what you expect. In fact, that’s the best part about it – the delight and surprise of what’s really meant for you beyond your expectations.

I hope this has been helpful. I wish you all rich blessings.


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