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The Boundaries of the Masculine and Feminine

Updated: Jan 16

One of the first things women, in particular, face when they awaken and start out on their ascension journey is to learn to establish boundaries. Generations of conditioning likely taught them to constantly give of themselves selflessly making it hard to feel comfortable saying "No" when they needed to. On the spiritual path, it is often a rough lesson to learn but once incorporated into her being, stands as part of the foundation for every lesson that is to come. We are told that establishing boundaries is a masculine energy and if we are to come into balance with ourselves we'll need to find harmony with both our masculine and feminine traits.

But what role does establishing boundaries apply for the Divine Masculine Soul? If setting boundaries comes more easily to the logical mind of men (or those who identify as primarily embodying masculine energies) wouldn't the distorted version of that be in keeping the boundaries so high and so tight that he squeezes out his own connection to his emotions? We see it all the time in our culture. Machismo is valued over softness in a man. But I think that though the Divine Feminine has to pull herself up by her boot straps to understand her value and worth to set her boundaries, it is likely even more difficult for the Divine Masculine to find the willingness to lower his boundaries to become more familiar with his emotions. One of these dynamics builds from nothing and the other is called to take a lifetime of confining borders, piled up on top of each other, and disassemble them. I'd wager that assembling them in the first place was hard work in itself and who would blame him for being reluctant to reorganize or reexamine each boundary and why it was placed there?

However, serious growth comes from the painful things we take on and the painful things that happen in our lives. I'm one who typically embraces spiritual challenges, preferring to roll up my sleeves and dive in. This is often inherent in a Divine Feminine Soul. But the Masculine counterpart, I've learned, isn't always so keen on this approach. Women find it frustrating when their man won't open up and men find it comforting and safe to keep it all in.

My take on it all is that each and every one of us is always in the place they are meant to be in that moment. Each moment is a step to further to self understanding, self love and self respect - and when you realize you are tired of your own BS and you are looking for ways to step out of the messes you've made in your life, that's when your deeper spiritual journey begins.

Setting boundaries is an integral part of becoming whole - of harmonizing your innate masculine and feminine traits. Women learn to say "No" to the outside world asking too much of them and men learn to say "No" to the outside world placing limitations on them.

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