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Spiritual Oversharing: The Partially Awakened Masculine

Updated: Jan 16

I was absolutely incensed the other day. Had the unfortunate experience of a man sharing something with me online that I felt was inappropriate. Now, there’s likely not a man or woman left untouched by this kind of experience in the Information Age, but it was the source of where this material came from that sent me reeling. The fella I was chatting with (on a social media platform) was a friend of one of my girlfriends. She and I had talked in passing about him, this supposedly Awakened man, who was very fresh on the Ascension path. They had met in a social media group and have had many deep and meaningful conversations… albeit platonic, mature conversations. She also turned him onto my blog.

I had never conversed with him before and was surprised when I received a Friend Request from him on the Social Media platform we were using. I’ve learned from experience not to accept friend requests from people I am not personally familiar with but since my friend had spoken so highly of him, I decided to at least chat with him through a private message without giving him access to my profile. I wanted to see what he was all about, and it seemed a nice opportunity to chat with a man about his spiritual journey.

This conversation never really went well from the start. I absolutely believe that this man has Awakened (but to what point I can’t be sure) but his penchant for oversharing, pushing that we become Friends on the site after I told him that wasn’t my way and his final faux pas that sent me packing, has me wondering if there’s a murky area for the Divine Masculine journey that allows him to connect too easily to old ways of manipulation and sexual prowess early along his path. Certainly, this wouldn’t apply to all DM’s but as a Divine Feminine, I am woefully lacking in the knowledge of how the Masculine journey unfolds. This isn’t for lack of interest or wanting to connect with more men but because, coming across an Awakened Man, has been fairly rare so far. The Spiritual groups, churches and social media communities are chock full of women and the support is phenomenal from them. But we don’t see as many men joining us – not as much as we would like to. Astrologically speaking, 2020 is supposed to be the year of the Divine Masculine Awakening, though, so that’s something to look forward to.

My conversation with “Mr. Overshare” ground to a halt when he sent me an article from a men’s spiritual support page on Facebook that used graphic language to explain to men why women don’t trust them. The article was clearly written for men… by men. The word “cock” and “cum” were featured in this article. And while I felt the gist of the piece was right on, I couldn’t believe this guy thought it was appropriate to send this post to an acquaintance without any prior conversation on the topic. It was shocking to receive something that had graphic, sexual language in the title as well as the content. That was the last straw for me, unfortunately. I had wanted to chat amicably with him but was almost instantly confronted with unsolicited vulgarity. I don’t have much tolerance for that.

I couldn’t help but feel like he was using this spiritual journey, possibly unconsciously, to continue to forward his old distorted behaviors – whatever they may be – toward women. Like it was a vehicle to deliver two paradigms that cannot exist peaceably together. The Ascension process is a Refiner’s Fire that takes us through a spiral journey where we revisit old issues in different ways until we clear them out completely. However, this kind of development was alarming to me. A Divine Masculine who can’t find that balance between his spiritual and sexual self has some hard lessons in store him. Same holds true for the Divine Feminine. It was either that or he made a huge miscalculation in choosing suitable conversation with an acquaintance.

That same girlfriend I mentioned earlier, told me of another man she began a conversation with, not long ago, who appeared to have written several interesting and informative pieces about sacred sexuality (still not sure if he wrote them or snagged somebody else’s work). She was interested in his perspective from her own spiritually scientific point of view and never delved into any kind of inappropriate or suggestive conversation with him. It didn’t take him long to attempt a video chat with her appearing sprawled out on his bed with his hairy chest glaring at her and his invitation to explore sacred sexuality together via Facebook. Yikes. Can’t unsee that. What's worse is that when she protested he told her to "open up". Grrrrr.

It would seem these two fellas have one foot set in two different worlds and that’s what puzzles me. You’d think that being on the Ascension path would clear up the errors of distorted Masculine and Feminine (let’s face it, women can wobble, too) behaviors and make them plain. But, in my experience, Awakened people are trying to leave those behaviors behind and feel divinely compelled to be the sacred version of themselves. Something isn't jiving here. Perhaps it is just the result of all of us unpacking several lifetimes of distorted behaviors?

I’m told that men, in general, often feel very insecure on how to approach women. And I can see how that would make for awkward moments early on in the Awakening path. But, I’m here to tell you fellas, that one of the first issues most women master in their own spiritual journey is establishing and holding Boundaries for themselves. I can see how that might be confusing for a man who hasn’t seen very much of that from the women he’s interacted with prior to Awakening. He might be used to women caving easily to desires and insecurities. A woman who doesn’t capitulate to manipulation and stick within familiar patterns could surely produce some consternation and head scratching for him. Assumptions and mistakes ensue – on both sides. It's like an outward show of the internal struggle to bring the Masculine and Feminine energies into balance.

There has always been people who will use faith to elicit sexual arousal or coercion. But this Awakened path doesn’t have any room for that for either sex. Women will stand in their power through maintaining boundaries and men will stand in their power by maintaining self-control. Both are exercises in dignity, sobriety and balance within the self. Both are tools that enhance our own self love and enable us to see ourselves, our world and each other with clarity and love. Both elicit respect.

In the end, I had to ask myself why I became so offended by the oversharing guy and I realized that there are a few wounds of my own to look at and heal. I also felt a wave of self-love come over me because I held my boundaries, I didn’t have to be a witch or a whiner to do it and, in the end, this man was put on my path probably for that understanding and empowerment. I consider it a blessing if he learned something from the encounter, too.

The mutual friend we met through still chats with him and enjoys very deep and meaningful conversations with him regularly. She’s an amazing soul and it makes my heart warm to see her bridging the gap between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Collective so effortlessly.

There’s got to be a lesson in that for me, as well.

So, what’s your Ascension path been like? Do you find yourself wavering? Do you recognize it when it happens? Have you been called out on something you didn’t realize was a problem or an issue? I recognize that each path and experience will be different. Spirit will bring things into our awareness that we never saw coming so we can heal it. It’s a painful process at times. And sometimes, we even get a shocker in the mix that makes for a good laugh later on.

Now that I’ve told you my story. Tell me yours – what you’ve experienced and how you’ve healed it. Just don’t overshare, please…


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