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Observations of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Journey

Updated: Jan 16

To my Divine Feminine Counterparts on the Twin Flame Journey,

Have you seen the interesting progress in the Divine Masculine Collective in 2020? If you’re empathic, I’m certain you have felt their despair and sadness at times. I have definitely been subject to it and it’s been really rough all around. But I think there has been some good clearing going on and I’d like to share what I’ve seen and perhaps get some feedback from you.

Of late, myself and other DF friends that I keep in touch with have been triggered by both the progress and stubbornness of the Divine Masculine Collective. On one hand we’ve read beautiful, awakening testimonies from men who are finding emptiness in their continual pursuit of wealth, sex and conquest. They’re thinking hard about their reasons for continuing on this way and coming up with bupkiss. That’s the encouraging part …but we are also seeing that these same men still hold a pretty strong attachment to ego. While they are expanding their consciousness on discovering the enlightenment that goes beyond their usual routine, they also seem to be ensconced in justifying ways they can still remain in what’s familiar.

For example, there’s a rising star on Facebook (I’m not going to mention names, I feel that’s inappropriate), who has some great enlightened posts and a terrific organization he started years ago that shares his story of loss, divorce, bankruptcy, serious health issues and how he rose out of it. It’s a great story of determination and he reaches out in particular to other men to give them encouragement. What could be my problem with that you ask…??? I don’t see any problem with that, actually, but I do feel a discord and even a confusion when I weigh his enlightened writings with his rather egoic photos that accompany them. The photos say “look at me and all that I have accomplished” while the writings say, "maybe we should rethink the way we do our lives". Granted the author is handsome and has an impressive physique but his posts lack humility when paired with a photo of a shirtless dude who produces more envy and lust than enlightened thinking. It’s like pairing a Taoist quote with a photo of a male stripper. It doesn’t jive. Check out the meme below that I made to illustrate my point.

I wrote about this phenomenon earlier this year in my blog “Spiritual Oversharing: The Partially Awakened Masculine”. It was a tongue in cheek look at transparent DM behaviors and how they push the DF away. However, several months later, I think that as a collective the DM’s are moving further afield from their attachments to the 3D.

Feminines, remember when you were going through (or maybe you still are) the struggle and hard work of eliminating your attachments? Relinquishing those things that empty your cup rather than fill it? Often times the Divine Feminine will find herself fighting attachment to a fairy tale outcome to romance, expectations of apologies from those who have done her wrong or issues of co-dependence and lack of boundaries. By detaching from the expectations of the 3D illusions she frees herself to be whole, to forgive and move forward on her own – a deeply empowering trek.

By the same token, the DM collective is now fighting their attachment to wealth, career and sexual conquest. It’s a different fight from the DF and the fellas have their own approach that might seem confusing to the ladies but the difficulty in that journey is just as real and agonizing for all who choose to walk the path. It’s exciting to see movement, though, and I look forward to the outcome as time unfolds.

In the end, it’s balance we’re all after - a balancing with one another and within ourselves. It’s like a pendulum that swings wide at the beginning of the journey and slowly shortens it’s passes until it finally rests in the middle in perfect balance.

What has your experience been of late? Do you see expansion amongst our Divine Masculine counterparts along with a struggle to relinquish old 3D patterns? Count it all as progress and keep moving forward on your own journey. It really is all about you rather than them and the same is true for them.

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