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Just Say No To DoomScrolling

Updated: Jan 16

Take what resonates and leave the rest…. Doomscrolling.

It’s a new term. And in the last year, I’m sure many of you reading this blog have fallen prey to it. Health magazine says, “When you're surrounded by bad news, it’s tempting to go one of two ways: Avoid all mentions of it or obsessively read about every little detail—and so many people are doing the latter lately, that there's even a word for it now: ‘doomscrolling.’"

Been there? Me, too. In fact, I had a major bout with it just two nights ago. And I have to say that I got a little kooky. I was anxious, scared, focused on survival rather than living and I even called up my son at midnight to make a plan if the power grid goes down. Oy! My son’s reaction is what started to clear up the fear fog around my head. First of all, I woke him up from a sound sleep (I felt bad but it still didn’t deter me - yikes) and then later, I’m pretty sure I caught both my kids chatting online together about how weird their mom was acting. Time for a reality check.

For those of us experiencing this huge wave of awakening and walking down the spiritual path, doom scrolling is especially dangerous. We are the advanced troops who volunteered long before we were born into this life to embody, anchor in and forward the unconditional love needed to bring in 5D consciousness and The New Earth for the whole planet to experience and grow within. Doomscrolling is a deterrent to this.

The night I got pulled into lower vibe energies through doomscrolling, I had a heck of a time falling to sleep. Like many of you, I am a powerful empath and I have to protect and regularly cleanse the energies I pick up on from other people. As I closed my eyes that night, I could physically feel the rush of chaotic energies running over my body and against my auric fields. It would seem like I was falling asleep only to be abruptly awakened by disturbing visions in my head and painful. swirling emotions putting my chakras into an imbalance. It felt horrible and I realized what a disservice I had done to myself by chasing the doomscrolling rabbit down the hole for a few hours.

In my case, I was reading all kinds of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and the upcoming presidential inauguration. HooBoy! There’s A LOT of tumultuous energies out there on that topic! My solution to clearing these energies out came in the form of a large bar of selenite and a very effective solfeggio recording to clear and heal all of the seven main chakras. In my case, I had to listen to it TWICE before getting full relief! I really did a number on myself.

Did you know that the human mind holds on to negatively far longer than something positive? We’re hardwired for it. “The reason for this is that negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones. Psychologists refer to this as the negative bias (also called the negativity bias), and it can have a powerful effect on your behavior, your decisions, and even your relationships” writes Kendra Cherry in an article from Very Well Mind. If you consider this and make the consistent and earnest effort to not only recognize how your own mind is handling negativity, but to flip it around and start embodying gratitude and counting your blessings, you can become your own ally on your spiritual journey. Additionally, Ms. Cherry writes, “The evolutionary perspective suggests that this tendency to dwell on the negative more than the positive is simply one way the brain tries to keep us safe.” By the same token, we can use our brain to think through the negativity and find a more reasonable path.

2020 was the year that the power and nature of my empathic abilities came to the forefront for me. I felt the emotions and sometimes heard the telepathic thoughts of those going through angst, anxiety and the like over the problems of lockdowns and illness facing the world. I was desperate for some peace AND sleep from it all (checkout this video I made after a rough night - forgive me appearance, recorded when I woke up) and I found that selenite is a strong protection when trying to cleanse energies that I’ve taken on inadvertently. In fact, it not only protects but draws out and settles those energies like a sponge soaks up water. My biggest tip I could give you that has worked for me, is to take a large bar and place it on your pillow across the top of your head. It takes about an hour or so to clear out those energies you don’t want and typically, you’ll feel it start to work within about ten minutes. I couple that with a particular chakra healing recording that you can find here. I can usually get a good night’s sleep when I do this.

Doomscrolling is a huge temptation. We don’t even know we’re doing it until it’s too late. We even laud ourselves for the information we’ve gained so we can use it in an argument or discussion on social media – that’s definitely an “ego thing” And who needs that when you’re on the spiritual path?

Stay peaceful, my friends.


Seems obvious but there’s something you should know. I’m not a medical professional so anything I write and publish comes from my own experiences. I share these experiences to help others open their mind and think a bit. It’s not a substitute for sound medical and psychiatric advice from a professional. Just a laywoman looking for understanding and reporting on what she found at this point on her journey. We all need spiritual guidance as much as we need medical help so use your discernment to get what you need when you need it.

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