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Is Spiritual Attack a Real Thing?

Updated: Jan 16

I haven’t slept well in 3 days. I’ve probably had only about 6 hours of sleep in that time. It’s because my sleep has been interrupted. I’m under spiritual attack.

This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has landed a restive night for me. About 4 years ago, I sought instruction in Reiki. I got involved with a Reiki master, who, it turned out was straying away from The Light and going down the Shadow path. I was caught unawares by this and it ended up having a great effect on my first attunement. A door was opened spiritually and darkness crept in. Who can be sure what happened but after that day my life went awry.

Reiki is a time-honored healing technique of healing with Energy and Light and I respect it and those who practice it... deeply. I’m not trying to disparage it in any way. But there are times when certain people at certain points in their life shouldn’t be practicing spiritual techniques because their own struggles are too consuming. It’s like asking a doctor who’s sick with the flu to come into the hospital and treat their patients. All they end up doing is spreading more germs and misery rather than being a help to anyone. I should really state that I still feel that Reiki is a beautiful practice and an enormous benefit to healing and by no means do I discourage anyone from seeking out the help of a practitioner if that's what they feel they need for their health and peace of mind.

I knew something wasn’t right immediately after I left this woman's office and I got confirmation that night. As I was praying in my bedroom, I felt sick to my stomach, felt several unseen presences and heard strange noises of groaning, growling and flatulence. Yes, apparently demons fart. Who knew? There was also knocking in the walls, my cupboard rattled, and I could feel pressure all around me like someone was trying to enter my body. To say the least, it was terrifying – that was the whole point. They would wake me up in the night or give me a jolt just as I was about to fall asleep. They tried to put sickening and grotesque images in my head when I closed my eyes. Somehow, I had opened a door and something dark walked through. They wanted me to be scared. To weaken me. They didn’t count on my resolve and my faith in God.

I sought help with a trusted friend who is also a medium. She was invaluable in her guidance and in providing me with the tools I needed to dispel these energies and unseen creatures. Spiritual attack is not typically a one-and-done kind of deal, though. My ordeal lasted about 2 years on and off. I regularly followed my friend’s instruction in establishing boundaries in and outside my home with salt, using holy water on the window sills and door frames, playing hymns and praise music softly and continuously throughout the day and night. I discovered prayers, in my online research, that were amazingly effective but most of all I discovered the power of sacred words.

The Bible tells us that the Word of God is a weapon, it is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit,…”, and SO IT IS! One night, I was sitting up in bed, besieged by feelings of dread, feeling a heavy presence of malice around me and on me and I reached for a short stack of papers I had printed out that had about 100 Bible verses printed on them and I just started reading them out loud, doing my best to ignore my fright and despair.

Spiritual attack is a very personal business. The purpose is to demoralize you and make you feel alone and isolated thus making you fall into deeper despair, turning away from the Light. Anyway, I read through these verses and was getting to the last page (of several) when I felt the mood lift in the room and I could sense that my attackers had slipped out and away. My clairsentience told me that they had gotten tired of being antagonized with the Word of God – the Word of their enemy. I was amazed at the power I had been given just by speaking those words. It wasn’t long after that I discovered this passage in the book of Luke, Chapter 10: “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” Armed with the knowledge that I had the same ability in me that Jesus himself wielded and a very large book full of sacred writings, I knew I was now something these “McNasties” (my name for them) would have to reckon with.

This is knowledge they don’t want you to have. Even once you have acquired it and use it, they will still try to fight against you. They might even call in some of their buddies to help out. But the full realization of having this power of the Word isn’t in casting out the demons or negative entities who are bothering you. The full realization is that you are no longer afraid of them. Not one bit. And what’s more, it brings a peace you haven’t known before that moment - a true understanding between you and God. That’s when you really understand how safe and protected you have always been. How much you are loved.

At the end of the 2 years of my spiritual attack, I became very sick. That’s when these nasty characters really pounce – when your body is weak. Once again, I sought the help of my friend and over the course of 2 nights, while I was recovering from my rather serious illness, she and a few others she called in, went to battle (energetically) with them. Let’s just say it wasn’t her first rodeo and she was triumphant. Hallelujah!

That was 2 years ago and things have been quiet and mostly peaceful ever since. There have been a few incidents here and there where I have found myself under the gun from unseen forces, though. This usually happens by association. I’m highly intuitive and empathic and have the potential to be very helpful and insightful for people who are hurting and traveling down a troubled path. As you can guess, any negative energies surrounding those people can lash out at me. That’s why the last 3 nights have been hard on me - a friend with whom I have a close soul bond is going through a rough time and our bond strengthens him. If they weaken me then they weaken him, too. Not going to let it happen. They love to bother me when I’m sleeping, or rather, just as I’m falling asleep. Sending images into my head, making their physical presence known through touch and the like.

I’ve had enough of that bullshit. So today I pulled out my bag of countermeasures, prayed hard and set out to push back. I’m going to list below the resources and practices that I use. Maybe they will be effective for you, too. I encourage you to do some research online to see what speaks to you and works in conjunction to your own faith. Mine is obviously rooted in Christ but your religion may have other ways of dealing with such things. Reach out to someone you know and trust who can provide guidance. In general, I’ve found a woeful lack of interest on the part of religious organizations to get involved with this kind of thing. That’s likely why I never once heard in church that speaking the Word of God can keep a whole lot of trouble away from your doorstep. It’s a shame but you can carve your own path and take back your power.

Keep in mind that I’m no demonologist or exorcist. I’m just a regular lady who unknowingly found herself in a crazy-making place of spiritual attack. I’m only sharing with you what my experience was like and making you aware that there are tools out there you can use and find to regain your ground if you're going through the same kind of experience. I’m not an expert and I don’t “hire out” to help others clear their supernatural enemies. Only you can push back – no one can do it for you.

So here goes. I sincerely hope one or a combination of these things will help you. These are practices I do every month or two (or more often) – whenever I feel like the veil is thinning. God bless you on this journey…

1. Read Scripture Out Loud – The Bible says that the power of life and death are found in the tongue. This is true in more ways than one but for my purposes here it helps to memorize prayers and a few scriptures to keep in your arsenal when you need them. Here’s one to start you off. It’s paraphrased from 1 John 4:4 “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.”

2. Set Physical Boundaries: Declare your space using Salt or Holy Water. After preparing myself with prayer (see No. 3), my own practice then turns to using blessed salt and water to mark my domain. I’ll sprinkle salt around the perimeter of each room inside the house and also around the outside of the house. I use the Holy Water on the inside and outside of the windows dipping my finger in the bowl and making crosses on the sills and jambs. All the while, I pray, often reciting the Lord’s prayer and Psalm 23. I also sing favorite hymns.

3. Recite Prayers and call in the protection of God and His Angels – I particularly like this set of prayers listed below and when under spiritual duress, I will read them all aloud in order. I’ve recommended them to friends, and they all report that by the end of the last prayer, the energy in the room has changed for the better.

7 Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Protection

Whole Armor of God Prayer by Charles Stanley

4. Sing and play hymns and praise music – turn on Pandora, or Spotify or whatever music app you enjoy and tune in some faith-based music. I often do this at night and leave the volume on the lowest setting. I find it brings me peace. I once heard Joyce Meyer tell a story about how Lucifer was the Angel of Music and when he and his 200 were cast out of Heaven, he was now repelled by the very thing that he used to give glory to God. I’m not sure where she got this information but, in my experience, playing hymns and praise music lifts not only my vibration but that in the room, as well.

5. A more spiritually based practice is to burn White Sage and Paolo Santo to clear the space of negative energy. It can be a little stinky but effective.

All of these practices are totally dependent on what you are comfortable with and what is permitted within your own faith and understanding. Nothing is a cure all. Everything happens for a reason and there is some kind of lesson in this experience for you just as there was for me. Plus, there are no set rules. I’m just sharing the routine I have worked out for myself. Sending you blessings!

Note: After using my techniques to clear my space and set my boundaries, all has grown quiet and returned back to normal in my world. Praise God for that and for His Guidance!


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