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Channeled Message For The Divine Masculine

Updated: Jan 16

About a month ago, I was meditating, and a channeled transmission began coming through. I’m not an experienced channel-er*, but now and again something grabs me and won’t let go until I follow through on it in the way I’ve been directed. What came through was a specific message for those who identify with Divine Masculine energy. In particular, the message is for those who feel regret about how things turned out with the Divine Feminine with whom they have a strong soul connection. More than likely you’ve experienced Awakening and have found yourself reading this at a time when you need encouragement and no-nonsense guidance. If this resonates for you, then I'm gratified. If not, take what works and leave the rest.

My heart is full of love for all of you. I do not stand in judgement of your circumstances or choices. I'm just the messenger. This has been a rough and challenging journey we’re on. We all get a little worn out now and then and made decisions we came to regret. Hopefully, the message below will help lead you forward.

<Begin Transmission>

So, you ghosted her. You felt overwhelmed and you can't stand being underneath a heavy weight. You booked out of there. You left. You ignored her calls, her texts, her emails.

It was a relief, really. Leaving her confused, rejected and alone was an alright price to pay to get control back in your life. How long did that last? A few months, a year? And now you're feeling better. But you’re realizing what you walked away from and lost out on and what a mess you made for everyone. Especially yourself.

How do you come back and reopen communication without looking like an ass? My advice? Eat crow, bake humble pie and have your hat in your hand. Sincerity will win the day even if she turns you out.

An authentic apology has a ripple effect for both of you. It takes all of that congested, dark confusion surrounding your connection and allows it to clear- as if you took a fan, set it on the lowest, gentlest setting and watched it gracefully turn back and forth clearing and transforming the space between you from dense and heavy to clear and full of light and comfort. And that one act of contrition, that one effort of respect exhibited within a sincere apology, will allow you to let go of something that's been holding you both down. It may not lead to the romance of a lifetime, but it will take a weight off your back, make a wrong right and help you grow in all the best ways.

Go ahead. Write a letter, send an email, call her up and tell her what happened. Honestly, what have you got to lose? She wants to know. And she wants to hear it from you. Not delivered in a clash of pride and ego but quietly. Gently. You owe her that gentleness and sincerity. Mostly you owe it to yourself, though. You need to see that tender, honest and open side of you that you push down so masterfully, so willfully. The part of you that exists inside your spiritual self. The place where you actually make progress in figuring out this thing we call life.

So, tell her. Tell her what spooked you. Why didn't you call sooner? Tell her about the things you had a hard time with and tell her why you regret it. Do it for yourself so this regret thing will no longer drag you down. Silence will get you nowhere. Authenticity will open your world.

Contact her even if you know she's moved on and she seems to have put her life together in a nice way.

People do that.

Eventually they decide that they waited long enough, and they must do more with their days, their thoughts and their life than wait on somebody else. It doesn't mean that she doesn't still think of you with affection. It doesn't mean that she doesn't get angry when she thinks about where you left things between the two of you. Doesn't mean that she's written you off entirely.

It does mean that she's healed herself and that's pretty badass.

It does mean that she's likely set some boundaries and you're going to have to adhere to them.

It does mean that it's a worthwhile endeavor to contact a worthwhile person and make things right between the two of you.

Maybe you're with someone else now but this person you wronged and feel regretful about just won't leave your head. Do your significant other a favor and act with integrity toward another woman. Then after you make your apology go to your wife or girlfriend and tell them that you wanted to make the slate clean with someone else so you'll be freed up to really devote yourself to being a better man.

Maybe you're single and you're fearful that an apology is a gateway to her thinking you want more. Do everyone a favor and just stop overthinking it. You have regrets. You know what they are. Write them down and then tell her. After all there were reasons why you left in the first place. Right? She doesn’t know what they are and you’re the only one who can lift the confusion.

You're tired of living with these regrets. You're tired of feeling like a heel. You've admitted your wrongs to yourself. It's time to admit them to the person that you injured.

Years ago, I wronged a girlfriend by dating a fella that she had her eye on. To be fair, he wasn't interested in her and he told both her and me as much on several occasions. However, she didn't find out about the two of us in the best way and I always regretted that I didn't talk to her about it myself to let her know that we were seeing each other. Two well-meaning friends talked me out of having that conversation. That's not my usual way of living my life. Integrity has always been important to me and I let myself down. I let her down, too. Five years later I finally decided I was going to let this regret go so I sent her an apology. I explained what I felt my wrong was, why I regretted it and would she please forgive me. I wasn't looking to renew the friendship, I just wanted forgiveness. When she found out the two of us were dating all those years ago, she was hurt and angry. She cut me out of her life and unfriended me on Facebook. However, five years later her response was that she had moved on and it really wasn't a big deal to her. Now, she may have just said that to dismiss me and get me out of her hair but the one thing she did grant me was forgiveness. She had no problem forgiving me and thanked me for taking the time to send her a note. It was an enormous relief off my shoulders. How do I know that this is something that matters to you? Because your actions speak volumes about what's going on in your heart in your head. The running away from your relationship/friendship and that feeling of being overwhelmed while doing it means that you care about her. You care more than you ever thought you would like to.

The journey of the Divine Masculine is one of transformation. Transforming his life from one lived in ego and pride into an opening of his heart. Not in an effort to get all mushy and gushy but to be able to express himself fully. To come out from behind the shadows of anger and fear. To live in real strength of character. His masculine and feminine sides balanced.

In addition to receiving this message and feeling compelled to write it all down, as it was happening, I also experienced additional energy in the form of emotions. I experienced this through the eyes of the Divine Masculine. Some of this energy was steeped in anxiety. I could feel the angst and worry over picking up the phone to make contact. I could also feel great sadness. I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way. But you can deliver yourself out of it. These emotions were unrelenting for me until I promised the Lord that I would mention it in my blog. It wasn't until then that it finally left it – quickly and quietly. That's how I know it's important for me to let you know that your emotions in this are recognized and validated.

You’ve got this. You’re finally starting to see in yourself what she saw all along.

<End Transmission>

****This message is not intended as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice and is for entertainment purposes only. I am a Lay Woman sharing my stories and experiences as I am called to do it with the hope that what I've learned might help someone else on their journey. And for Heaven's Sake, don't stalk anyone. Stalking is bad.


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