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Angry People Want You to See How Powerful They Are

Updated: Jan 16

I've noticed that the protesters in this current age are inordinately attached to their signs. I've seen video after video where, when someone tries to take some of their signs down, they are accosted, threatened and bullied. As I watched these encounters further (there are a bunch of videos on YouTube), I realized that the protester seemed to have their identity wrapped up in the sign. The words on the sign and the fact that the sign was posted on a building appeared to be tantamount to that person's existence and identity. So much so, that they were willing to sacrifice (or were totally unaware of) their own character and integrity (or lack thereof). Nothing but the sign mattered and anyone who challenged that (even days after the protests calmed down), no matter what the color of their skin, was immediately berated and threatened. It's as if the sign was the protester's only identifying factor to their unchecked anger. What would happen if the signs all went away? Would their anger stand in an argument? Do they have enough integrity and character to forward anything other than anger? As a mob, it doesn't appear as if they do and it doesn't appear as if they are even aware that character and integrity are the best factors for making your case in an argument. That's quite a darkness to be mired in.

From a spiritual perspective though, anger can mark the beginning of awakening into a higher consciousness. It's a lower place to start a spiritual journey but it can definitely be a starting point. A place of purging negative thoughts. The trick is not to get stuck there. I've always felt that anger is a fleeting emotion that grows tiresome after a while. Sooner or later, you need something to cool it... to replace it. You need something to feel good about.... that is, if you're reasonable. My own spiritual journey has shown me that walking out of distorted behavioral energies is a process. And sometimes, it starts with a lot of whining, protesting, releasing anger and leveling demands. I'm not saying that lower vibrational energies like that will get anyone what they want but I Can say that God/Source/Creator puts up with this from us and still continues to guide us through life, gently and expertly opening our eyes to better things and important revelations. We, also, can embody this kind of divine love and patience by holding love in our hearts for those in pain, panic and turmoil. We may have to do it from a distance to stay safe, but the energy of love is powerful and enfolds the entire Universe. Surely it can reach other souls on the same planet. Hold a space to make room for listening to one another, productive discourse, empathy and rising into higher thoughts and ideals. The Bible tells us in Luke Chapter 6... "But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you."

American Indian wisdom says that 'Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful You are." (Chief Red Eagle) And I think the best quote to close out this online journal entry comes from the Buddha, “Those who attempt to conquer hatred by hatred are like warriors who take weapons to overcome others who bear arms. This does not end hatred, but gives it room to grow. But, ancient wisdom has advocated a different timeless strategy to overcome hatred. This eternal wisdom is to meet hatred with non-hatred. The method of trying to conquer hatred through hatred never succeeds in overcoming hatred. But, the method of overcoming hatred through non-hatred is eternally effective. That is why that method is described as eternal wisdom.” Be the change you want to see in the world. Start by treating and regarding others the way you wish to be treated.

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