about me

I'm a Seeker. I have been a Seeker my whole life. Years ago when, I first joined Facebook and reunited with friends from my childhood, they remarked how they remembered that I had a bent for faith and reading my Bible. I had no idea I had left that kind of remembrance on anyone but it made me glad to know they thought of me this way. I still read my Bible but I've also been Awakened into a deeper spiritual journey of my Soul, more so than ever before. My sources and resources for spiritual understanding now reach more deeply into, and yet, well beyond the faith I grew up with. 

This blog is my way of sharing what I've learned and opening myself up to learning more. I've been disappointed with cultural trends that have distorted masculine and feminine energies into actions, behaviors and patterns of thought that are destructive to journeying through life in a healthy way. I've seen these things in myself and worked hard to change my perspective and fashion a better way of being.  I'll be writing about the teachings that come my way and the ways I've personally integrated new lessons. If you're reading about me and checking out my work, then maybe you're trying to find some resources to help yourself on a similar journey and find out about the experiences of others, too. Welcome! I'm very happy to have you here!

I'm just a laywoman, not a professional counselor or guru of any sort. If my blogs and Resources page give you some insight or food for thought, then I've accomplished my goal. If you feel like sharing, drop me a line or leave a comment for me and let me know how your journey is going.  I'm looking forward to traveling this road together with you.

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